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  • Accountant and tax specialist firms
  • Law firms
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Holding Company
  • Real Estate
  • Importation and distribution
  • eCommerce
  • Retail

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Me Jimmy Oppedisano, LL.B, J.D., avocat fondateur

My primary mission in founding IncorporationQué was to offer a fast and efficient incorporation service, while meeting the high standards of quality established by the profession of lawyer and notary, and by offering a personalized service tailored to the needs of each client.

Why IncorporationQué ?

IncorporationQué is currently the fastest, easiest and most profitable web platform in Quebec to form a corporation.

Incorporations carried out entirely by members in good standing of the Barreau du Québec

Phone assistance with a lawyer throughout the process to answer your questions

Simple and fast web platform

Affordable price

Service offered completely online without any need to move

Cancellation of your registered sole proprietorship at no additional cost

Safety standard AML/KYC (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer)Anti-Money Laundering et Know Your Customer)

Frequently asked questions

Questions ans Answers

1Why incorporate your business?
The corporation offers many advantages. First, it offers various tax benefits, including the ability to defer income tax payable. Then, the corporation being a separate entity, it limits the liability of its shareholders.
2Why mandate a professional to incorporate a company?
It is not advisable to form a joint-stock company. Our team of professionals drafts articles of incorporation that contain a detailed description of the share capital and a restriction on the transfer of securities and shares. Then we write and assemble a corporate book that will be useful throughout the life of the company and that allows to be in good standing with the various legislative provisions. We also ensure that the terms of incorporation requested by the client comply with the various legislative provisions, both at the federal and provincial levels.
3What is the delay in setting up a corporation?
Generally, the certificate of incorporation can be obtained within less than 24 hours. Your corporate book will then be mailed to you within 5 to 10 business days.
4In which region are your services offered?
Our services are offered everywhere in Quebec, the delivery of the company book is free no matter where you live.
5What is a minute book for?
Le livre de société, également appelé livre de minutes, contient notamment les résolutions d’organisation de votre société, permettant entre autres d’émettre des actions et de nommer des administrateurs et dirigeants. Le livre contient également les différents registres corporatifs requis par la loi. Toutes les résolutions qui interviennent au cours de la vie de l’entreprise doivent être déposées dans le livre. Il est obligatoire pour une société par actions de tenir un livre de société.
6Do you offer phone support after incorporation?
Yes. You can speak directly with a lawyer at no cost to ask questions about incorporating your business.
7What if I already have a registered sole proprietorship and want to continue my activities with a corporation?
In order for the business name to become available for the corporation to be created, either the company registrar must be struck off the registration of your sole proprietorship, or at least the name of the business in question. As intermediaries authorized by the Registraire des entreprises, we can do this for you at no additional cost. In this case please indicate in the incorporation form that you already have a registered sole proprietorship. Please note that it is advisable to consult a tax specialist when switching from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, in order to avoid possible tax consequences.
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